About Bhai Joga Singh Public School

Bhai Joga Singh Public School (under the management of S. Amar Singh Sethi Memorial Trust and Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi) 0121-2512107, 0121-2401007, 0121-2401008. It feels proud to place before the residents of Meerut City that the school is making the constant Endeavour to keep you informed of the latest developments and the enormous progress in various academic fields of Education and Activities. Today the BJSPS has not only reached the comprehensive milestone but also will the moral support of all the respective residents of Meerut City.

It is indeed the reflection of the aspirations, the hopes, the strength, the enthusiasm and also the triumph of Creative talents of our students. The BJSPS aspires the spectacular performance and gratifying achievement is all due to outstanding performance from highly qualified faculty members and with the moral sport of all the teaching and non-teaching staff.

Bhai Joga Singh Public School is committed to the promotion of education and human values since 1981. It strives to seek out the positive to enhance inherent skills and to empower the physical emotional and intellectual faculties through comprehensive quality education incorporating global trends with the traditional ethos. The carefully chosen curriculum imparts extensive knowledge of prevalent disciplines. Activities like Art, Painting, Music, Dance and Dramatic receive as much attention as Yoga, Games and Sports.

More over, the school also instills in students a feeling of comradeship and a sense of unity. Indian-endevour is to create an atmosphere or humility discipline etc. which is essential to unfettered growth of a youth mind today.

The admirable TEAM of BJSPS is the elevator for our success and accomplishment of our mission towards a leap to education career.

BJSPS Motto “Truth is high but higher still is truthful living” inspires us to achieve heights of greatness for all the coming years ahead in future.